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LinkNow Vincent Hass

Managing Director

Born on 29th July 1999 in Hamburg

At an early age Vincent started playing competitive tennis. His drive and passion for this sport helped him to develop personal values and qualities such as discipline, perseverance and the commitment to work hard.

After finishing his A levels in 2018 Vincent completed numerous internships. In early 2019 he spent 3 months in Berlin further developing his analytical skills at one of the best coding bootcamps in the world, LeWagon. Vincent has been studying at the International School of Management in Hamburg since September 2019, spending his 4th semester at Regent’s University in London. He will successfully complete his B.Sc in “International Management” in the summer of 2022.

Vincent provides support for LinkNow sales partners in all areas of property investment, from first contact to notarisation. He trains entire sales groups via Zoom, as well as joining Zoom meetings between sales partners and their clients, as acting consultant.

Vincent takes every opportunity to be on site at the properties himself, in order to give both sales partners and clients the chance for a viewing and to answer any open questions. He is always available for his partners.

Assistant to the Managing Director

Born on 23rd July 1983, living in Germany since 2007

Luiza completed her Master of Science in Psychology at Hamburg University with excellent results. During her studies she applied her expertise in numerous internships in the areas of research, recruiting, personnel management and marketing, as well as in a clinic for behavioural therapy.

Moreover, Luiza was eager to constantly and consistently develop her knowledge of psychology alongside her studies, for example through work as a personal coach.

Indeed, sport and lifestyle are Luiza’s great passions and in the last 10 years she has been adding to her skills and qualifications in this area, enabling her to better understand mind and body. These additional credentials were an undeniable asset when she took on the demanding role of managing a Hamburg physiotherapy centre.

Luiza uses her skills and knowledge of psychology with such ease, joy and a certain hands-on mentality, that those who know and work with her always feel understood and invigorated. It is these characteristics coupled with her innate sense of humour and excellent knowledge of German and Russian that make her an indispensable addition to the LinkNow team.

Michelle Conrad

Assistant to the Managing Director

Born on 28th June 1979 in Perleberg

Michelle is a qualified pharmaceutical technical assistant (PTA) and has additional qualifications as a fitness and yoga trainer.

At 5 years old Michelle discovered her passion for dancing and that has remained until today. The many hard hours of training along with national and international competitions helped shape her personal values and qualities such as ambition, commitment and perseverance. When Michelle sets her mind to something she puts 100% of her efforts into it.

In her private life, family, sport, yoga and healthy eating take top priority. In her free time Michelle also volunteers as a children’s sports teacher.

Thanks to her structured and organised approach to matters, Michelle is able to successfully tackle any situation in life.

Senior Advisor

Born on 11th Nov. 1965 in Hamburg

Following his A levels and military service with the Tank Corps, Thorsten Hass studied Business Management.

In 1990 Thorsten started his apprenticeship with Carsten Maschmeyer at the financial consulting agency, Allgemeiner Wirtschaftsdienst (AWD) and was promoted to Director in 1994. Early in his career Thorsten had already built a network of 250 sales partners and an annual aggregate sum of 250 Million in life-insurance.

In 1997 he founded the AssecuranzService GmbH (financial consulting), which at his peak was generating 33 million euros commission annually, had 150 employees and 800 sales partners.

In 2009 Thorsten founded a further company, finanzprofi AG, which, in 2013, he successfully sold to a subsidiary company of the German nationwide WWK Insurance Group. He stayed on there as Sales Director until 2018, his contract finally ending on 30 June 2020.

Thorsten maintains a broad network of partnerships and friendships with decision-makers in numerous financial organisations. He is also on good terms with the owners of our associated real-estate companies.

Thorsten supports LinkNow GmbH in initiating sales contacts, with seminars, training and coaching, and is responsible for the strategic focus of LinkNow GmbH. He himself owns numerous apartments and other properties, and thanks to his long and successful career path he is the ideal partner and mentor for LinkNow’s sales partners.

Senior Advisor

Born on 14th Aug. 1967 in Wemding

Thomas Eireiner has been very successful in finance and property sales for decades. He was instrumental in the sales development of a large-scale real-estate project in Regensburg.

Between summer 2007 and summer 2009 Thomas recruited and managed 140 new sales partners for Telis Financing.

From 2010 to 2020 Thomas was Sales Director for finanzprofi AG. Here he was successful in recruiting and managing 900 sales partners.

Thomas lives and works in Regensburg and from there he supports LinkNow GmbH as Senior Advisor, with his experience and knowledge.

Since summer 2020 Thomas has been enjoying further success in the financial sector as Regional Director of Impact-Finanz (a branch of the Barmenia).

Frank Heineck

Senior Advisor

Born on 28th May 1962 in Löbau in Sachsen

After finishing his A Levels and doing military service as a military motorcyclist with the East German Army, Frank decided to study Social Sciences.

Frank has been very successful in finance and property sales for decades. After the fall of the Berlin Wall he played a key role in building the AWD (Allgemeiner Wirtschaftsdienst) in Berlin and Cottbus. He spent 20 very successful years with the AWD and learnt much from Carsten Maschmeyer. Frank boasts an extensive network of business associates in Eastern Germany.

LinkNow GmbH is delighted that Frank is working in partnership with us. Frank is passionate about training and coaching young, motivated employees. He advises his partners in the property arena nationwide via zoom meetings, as well as regularly visiting the individual projects on site with clients and consultants.

Frank is an enthusiastic cyclist and jogger and in his chosen home of Berlin you’ll find him regularly enjoying these activities in the green parks of Berlin-Köpenick.

Senior Advisor

Born on 1st August 1978 in Friedrichshafen

As a young man Marc was extremely keen on sports. Thanks to his football talent he had already left home at the age of 14 and was playing for Stuttgart City Football Club. In the following years he played for all the national junior football teams in Germany.

Marc was able to tour the whole world during his football career, before his journey was abruptly halted in 2010 as a result of various operations.

At this point Marc joined the DVAG, a large German investment corporation, where he spent a very successful six and a half years.

Following this, he worked for finanzprofi AG for 2 years, where he also established himself as a high achiever. It was here that he met Thorsten Hass (founder of finanzprofi AG and Sales Director at the time).

Marc is managing partner of MBV GmbH (Financial Consulting) and has various properties of his own. With his knowledge and experience he supports LinkNow GmbH and their partners in the South West of Germany. LinkNow is proud to count him as one of their team.

Marc is still a passionate sportsman and enjoys hiking, jogging and mountain-biking around the Bodensee.

Norbert Pelzl

Senior Advisor

Born on 30th June 1972 in Munich

From 1998 to 2001 Norbert worked for the Münchener Rückversicherung (Munich Reinsurance) and was employed as Senior Underwriter, amongst other posts, in Munich but also in London and elsewhere in the UK. During this time, he successfully completed his training as an insurance broker, as well as finishing a course in Business Studies at the Academy of Business and Administration.

Following his return from London and up until 2010 Norbert headed up the office of Telis Financing. It was here, as property consultant responsible for a team of 50 colleagues, that he discovered his enthusiasm for real estate.

Norbert was instrumental in the sales development of a large-scale real-estate project in Munich.

Norbert is employing his comprehensive expertise and wide-ranging experience on a daily basis in advising property developers and architects in the fulfilment of real estate projects.

Norbert is a Senior Advisor for LinkNow in Munich and Bavaria where he supports our clients with his skill and know-how in residential projects, architecture and property investment.

Tim Martin

Senior Advisor

Born on 25th September 1982 in Braunschweig

Tim is an expert in insurance and financial investment and looks back on 20 successful years in the business.

He has been living in Hamburg with his family since 2006.

Between 2006 and 2010 he was consistently amongst the top sales personnel of a large German sales corporation for financial services.

Between 2010 and 2021 Tim was Director for another large company in the financial service sector and Regional Director for the Baloise Group. He was entrusted with the establishment and expansion of the sales department, sales development and a number of conceptual projects as well as sales organisation projects.

Tim owns numerous properties himself and is now offering his property expertise to LinkNow clients.

He has been working in Hamburg as Regional Director for Impact Finance (a branch of Barmenia) since autumn 2021.

Enrico Liebert

Senior Advisor

Born on 29th August 1972 in Zwickau

After completing training as a banker at the Bavarian Hypotheken and Wechselbank AG Enrico enrolled in the Frankfurt School of Management and Finance to study Banking Administration. The main focus of this course were 4 semesters of law (trade law, civil law, loans and tax law) as well as economics and business studies, all washed down with a good portion of communication psychology.

Enrico has since spent 18 years working in the German and international banking world. He has been responsible for the management of key asset clients as well as top finance management. In recent years he has taken part in numerous seminars targeting leadership and personality development.

For the past 2 years he has been managing a foundation where his focus was again on the tax law of the foundation.

Enrico lives with his wife and 3 children in the idyllic spa town of Bad Kissingen. He has businesses in Austria and several companies in Germany. He also has two adult sons.

Enrico loves to travel, discovering new countries and their cultures. He enjoys reading and considers maintaining one’s cognitive abilities through further education just as essential as sport and healthy eating. LinkNow is proud to welcome him on board.

Thomas Knörle

Senior Advisor

Born on 19th September 1970 in Singen

Thomas began his career in 1992 working on a part-time basis in the Sales and Marketing Department of Deutscher Atlas, an organisation for financial services in Bruchsal. In 1995 he joined FG Finance AG in Heilbronn.

In 1996 he decided it was time to become a full-time Financial Advisor. With a 4-year course in Financial Consulting (through the bbw) and subsequent additional training as “Master of Financial Consultant” under his belt, he built a solid expert knowledge of the business. In addition to this, over the ensuing years, he also completed his instructor training, and specialist qualifications in financial investments, as well as in financial and property consulting.

Between 2009 and 2019 Thomas was Account Manager for Telis Finanz AG, building a strong sales force in the Heilbronn lowland area. He was responsible for the establishment and expansion of the sales department alongside ensuring a steady growth in sales.

Thomas has been active in the market with his own Heilbronn business – KKH-BW – since 01.07.2019, where his focus is on both property and financing, as well as concept development and consulting for private customers and small to medium-sized businesses.

Thomas lives by his motto – A man who is prepared has his battle half fought.